MotorsportVideos.net has been setup to showcase some of the most original and spectacular motorsport footage from around the world. With the growth in "digital" products people are now able to record their own high quality digital footage. This website is all about sharing the most spectacular amateur motorsport footage. Overtaking, spins, crashes, near misses - they all make for an exciting videoclip!

All videoclips found on MotorsportVideos.net are copyright the original filmer (videographer) and are shared only with their permission. Of course the "official" TV camera's can't be at all events and at every corner. It's impossible to capture every incident, but with more and more people having digital camcorders more and more original, unseen footage is now "caught on camera". MotorsportVideos.net is all about sharing these incidents in a simple and easy-to-use website.

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